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8 août 2012

¤ Oubliez l’avènement de l’Etat Policier. Voici l’avènement de l’Etat Terminator !

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source : http://share.banoosh.com/2012/08/03/forget-the-rise-of-the-police-state-its-the-rise-of-the-terminator-state/

Forget the Rise of the Police State. It’s the Rise of the Terminator State.



Meanwhile, the internet air waves are exploding with citizen activists protesting the implementation of drone technology in U.S. airspace, and the only objection to be raised among the MSM media outlets is the insipid and perpetual comment repeated almost verbatim among all of them that “privacy advocates fear” they may ultimately be used in violation of the privacy rights, which is in reality a non-existent concept, that the vast majority of Americans are still suffering from the misconception that they actually possess (sourced). Be that as it may, my question is, what else would one anticipate is the ultimate goal of these particular machines in spite of the protestations that such is not the case on the part of the federal government? These weapons originated with the military, and the assumption that they were designed to serve any purpose other than that which benefits and facilitates war and the activities thereof is essentially baseless.

And once again the unlearned cacophony of voices that continues to ring in opposition to them have yielded no tangible results. Meanwhile, as the clamor among truthers in opposition to unmanned drones continues to grow, and the ongoing use of them to do God knows what demonstrates that our elected officials have no interest whatsoever in what we object to, there is a far more sinister version of these particular craft in the process of being implemented by the United States Navy which will undoubtedly find its way to the skies of America, just as the “unmanned” drones already have.

The cover of the August 2012 issue of Popular Science features the prototype of a new “robotic” drone, and it is referred to on the cover of that publication as “the world’s first robotic strike craft.” The X-47B, as it is referred to, is described as the “world’s first autonomous warplane,” and the point is made that “from takeoff to landing, it flies with little or no direct control from human handlers.” There is no need for any sort of human remote control of this machine. In fact, it is specifically designed to eliminate the need for human intervention. Living in a world in which such things are utilized to the utter detriment and control of the human race should not be that difficult to imagine for many Americans. If it is, visit Netflix and watch the “Terminator” movies. That will give you a clear idea of the direction this is heading.

The prototype of this robotic drone was shipped to the Pax River testing facility in December of 2011, and until its first real carrier flight early next year, and just in time for the long awaited global conflicts and distress to begin to reach epic and worldwide proportions, simulated testing will be done there. It would probably be a mistake to assume that there is NOT a facility somewhere manufacturing these on as large a scale as possible at the moment. Their use has already been legalized via the current legislation implementing the use of “unmanned drones,” because although they are essentially Artificial Intelligence killing machines, they still qualify without question as “unmanned drones.”

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