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¤ The Chemtrail Kook and Worldwide Chemtrails Map

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Posted by Chemtrail NewsFeaturedWednesday, April 6th, 2011

¤ The Chemtrail Kook and Worldwide Chemtrails Map dans Chemtrails et pluies de fils/fibres/etc... chemtrail-map-150x150Source: Chemtrail Kook . I am a former military pilot with 1000s of hours flying personnel and gear all over the planet. While in the military I had not yet had an awakening. After leaving the military for medical reasons, I was exposed to some information that caught my eye. As a matter of fact, I was building a website for a fire-fighter friend of mine. While I was finishing up the site and looking for tribute videos to the fallen heroes of 9-11, I came across a few threads uploaded by Pilots for 9-11 truth. I thought, hey, I’m a pilot, this looks interesting and tumbled into the rabbit hole.

That was 4 years ago, and since that time I have done copious study on the subject of 9-11, building architecture, and chemtrails. I am 100 percent convinced that building 1, 2 and 7 were taken down by explosives in a controlled demolition. I am active with Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth  and I encourage all who read this to study the materials available on their site and sign the petition for a new and impartial investigation.  But I digress.

Chemtrails are a passion of mine, as I continue to see my loved ones suffer with upper respiratory problems, asthma, constant colds, and general ill health. I have extensive knowledge of the FAA, EPA, and ICAO aviation rules and regulations. I will take my last breath doing everything in my power to get chemtrail activity to STOP. I know there are numerous ideas circulating about the reasons why they are spraying, but I no longer concern myself with the theoretical. I care not about whether they are trying to covertly cool the planet, obscure Nibiru, cull the population, or change soil salinity to control food supply.

What I know is what I see every day. I see nearly continuous spraying operations over my home, and throughout the skies of places I travel. What I see are chemtrails. I know the difference between contrails and chemtrails. I have extensive education on meteorology, aircraft systems, and know exactly how contrails are born. I know all about the standard lapse rate, temperature inversions, types of fog, and factors that influence contrail formation.

In my studies of the chemtrial phenomenon, I have come across numerous websites, wordpress blogs,yahoo groups, etc. all discussing the problem and containing postings, photos, and videos. There are people building Google Maps, Flash maps, and posting data regarding air and soil samples. I have seen virtually every video produced on the chemtrails subject and highly recommend the film documentary What In The World Are They Spraying  for those looking to understand the issue in more detail.

My conclusions about the above activity and level of activism have led my to understand that I am not alone. Military tacticians will tell you that an unorganized adversary is easy to conquer. Each website, blog, map, and data repository represents a cell of our growing movement. As it stands today, April 6,2011 there is still significant lack of cohesion within our ranks. The Map is a force multiplier that will change that.

For a long time I struggled with the chemtrails issue. I took photos occasionally when heavy activity was observed. For the most part, I felt extremely frustrated and powerless over the problem. I internalized many of these emotions and found it negatively effecting my mental health and serenity.

While in prayer and meditation, the idea of a global map came to mind. My idea was to build something that was low on text explanation, but delivered a powerful visual depiction of the chemtrail phenomenon. I wanted to it to be intuitive, requiring little to instructions for use, and simple enough for a child to navigate. I wanted it to be collaborative, as well as easy and free for people to be make image and video uploads. My dream was for people around the world to be able to find the map and embrace its importance and make the choice to support the cause. Our website hits are going space shuttle – I just increased the bandwidth capacity ten fold to handle the traffic.

By the grace of God, I was given the technical ability and knowledge to build such a tool – the Worldwide Chemtrails Map . It is still a work in progress and light on aesthetics, but high on functionality. It displays a global Google Map which is viewable in multiple modes. My favorite is “earth” mode, which allows for the most fluid scrolling and zoom.

The map is powered by an open source content management tool called Joomla. This is a free tool supported by thousands of developers around the world. The map contains data provided by chemtrail activists and diligent sky watchers from planet earth. The technical details are not important, what is key to note however is that the data streams are real time and sourced from individual contributor Flickr and Picasa photo albums, and Google Maps.

The feeds submitted are in RSS (really simple syndication) format and power the dynamic nature of the site. With RSS, once a bridge has been established, any additions made to the individual contributor’s photostream are instantly transmitted and updated on the chemtrails map. How cool is that? So in essence what we have here is the closest thing to a real time criminal activity tracking tool. Imaging being able to map all robberies, murders, burglaries happening throughout the globe as they were reported? This is what we have – a living and breathing beast, who happens to breathe fire and fancies NWO ogres. These programs are all free and take only minutes to setup.

If you do not have accounts established but have chemtrail photos on your computer, I highly encourage you to get motivated and upload your images and videos – today. We use primarily Flickr and Picasa photo hosting systems due to their geo-coding functionality. In a nut shell, this is a fancy way of saying these programs allow us to drop photos and videos onto a map representing where they were taken. Please include dates, time of day, and any other extra information you feel will add value.  The Chemtrails Map website has step by video and written tutorial instruction guides on how to get your content onto the map. My many years of military training and instruction finally have come to good use…

People of our beautiful and precious planet Earth, I am now writing directly to you. You must populate this map, and I implore you to do so – today. These records are evidence admissible in US and international courts of law. It is currently a powerful tool but will continue to gain strength as it is becomes more populated. There are multiple strategies being developed on how to use this information as a battle axe in the infowar. Borrowing a catch phrase from Alex Jones, what we have here is a 14 foot, fire breathing, snaggle toothed dragon. The dragon is hungry for your information, so please choose to feed it – today. When and how we unleash it’s power is being discussed and planned at the highest levels. For more information visit this Facebook group to get involved:

For those of you in the employ of the NSA, CIA, FBI, DARPA, and other assorted alphabet agencies throughout the world who will invariably read this article, I humbly ask you too look into your child’s eyes tonight and think of their future. Ponder the chemicals they are inhaling on a daily basis; the aluminum, barium, strontium. Recall the oath you took to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Consider praying for the willingness to do the right thing. This website is mirrored on multiple host servers throughout the world. It has multiple administrators responsible for updating content and performing site maintenance. In other words, the snake has many heads, try to sever one and ten more will emerge.

I am the Chemtrail Kook, self proclaimed – and as the immortal Mick Jagger wrote Who could hang a name on you? …

Please contact me via the links below if you would like an interview on your radio or tv program. I reserve all rights, and insist on maintaining anonymity. I leave you with Ruby Tuesday …

Chemtrail Kook
Creator of http://chemtrailsmap.com  – Have you seen the Map?
Follow me on Twitter @ChemtrailKook
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/chemtrail.kook?sk=wall
Email chemtrailkook@gmail.com

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  1. As one pilot to another can you tell me the following:

    What aircraft types are involved in this massive worldwide conspiracy?
    How is the supply chain organised for loading all these additional chemicals into aircraft?
    What is the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail?
    Why do aircrew and passengers not become affected by these chemtrails but people on the ground are? – that makes no logical sense.
    What modifications would need to be made to airframes, avionics and systems to be able to spray chemicals at M0.82/FL350?

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    • Mr X – There are many unanswered questions – as I mentioned I care not about the theoretical – when we go to trail all that will come out. I know what I see and I want it to STOP – simple… I’ll do my best to entertain your questions:
      What aircraft types are involved in this massive worldwide conspiracy? – From the looks of things – many different types – look at the images – many on the map – zoom in to the airframe. You tell me.
      How is the supply chain organised for loading all these additional chemicals into aircraft? Not exactly sure – but it is surmised that the crews servicing the honey pots are uploading into tanks and piping systems that have been covertly installed to the airframe during maintenance overhaul – research operation cloverleaf – there are s few videos on the topic in the Atlantic ocean.
      What is the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail? – This is rather rudimentary – do a tad bit of research – I point you to the What in the World are They Spraying section addressing the issue.
      Why do aircrew and passengers not become affected by these chemtrails but people on the ground are? – that makes no logical sense. They probably do – but the spraying is external to the airframe. As you well know the bleed / air-conditioning system draws from the compressor prior to combustion – so air into the cabin via the ecs would be clean.Although I imagine with the rate of spraying – it could be very easy to fly in the wake of a chemtrail and ingest dirty air.In that case – the pax and crew would be exposed.
      What modifications would need to be made to airframes, avionics and systems to be able to spray chemicals at M0.82/FL350? Again – not exactly sure – there are videos on the subject – modification of static wicks, additional piping, storage tanks. It’s pretty basic mechanically. As far as a control box that is altimeter triggered, again pretty basic. If grids and sections are programmed – then it would need a tie into the GPS and execute comments to spray – stop spray at various geographical boundaries – again – nothing too complicated man – no heads exploding over this one…


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      • So as a pilot you are saying the crew has no control over how the spraying is completed? Why tied in with GPS? Would the INS/IRS not be more accurate?

        You say that air is drawn in prior to combustion and therefore must be clean as it is then passed through into the cabin. By your understanding then we can rule out fuel additives as a source of chemtrails?

        As a pilot I would have thought you would have rattled off a list of aircraft types, but let me help you Boeing 777, Boeing 747, Boeing 737, Airbus 319/320 and Airbus 330 are some of the pictured types. All civilian operators are shown. This gives me the impression that civilian pax operators are implicated…

        Now, as for the idea that static wicks are modified, well, it surprises me that a pilot would consider that as a reasonable suggestion. Additional piping and storage tanks? I don’t think so.

        What types did you fly in the military?

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        • I am saying a remote system for spraying could be rigged and operate without the knowledge of the captain and crew. Is that outside the realm of possibilities? INS/IRS GPS either one – we are not talking precision munitions. We all live in a paradigm, our reality is controlled, we are programmed to think and feel a certain way. I can sit here and rattle off a/c types – yawn, but that is not the issue. In my estimation, the amount of spraying being conducted could not be possible if not being done by many commercial jets. If you were captain of one of these craft and it had been modified for these operations without your knowledge how would you feel and react? Would you DEMAND inspections be done of the fleet to ensure others were not similarly modified? That’s where this is going. Hopefully sooner rather than later there will be a cry to inspect every aircraft on earth. Read this article regarding a mechanic and manager in the industry. http://loveforlife.com.au/content/07/06/27/chemtrails-two-emails-received-anonymously-airline-mechanic-and-airline-manager-bot
          I have an ATP – MEL L382 and GIV ratings. Peace

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          • Your first sentence is pure rubbish – there is not a chance that any system could be rigged to change the w&b of an aircraft in flight without the crew knowing. For a start it is illegal, but as a Herkybird pilot you would know that, wouldn’t you?

            It is impossible that commercial aircraft could be involved in anything like this.

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          • OPERATION NORTHWOODS –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

            a. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.
            b. Take off times of the drone aircraft and the actual aircraft will be scheduled to allow a rendezvous south of Florida. From the rendezvous point the passenger-carrying aircraft will descend to minimum altitude and go directly into an auxiliary field at Eglin AFB where arrangements will have been made to evacuate the passengers and return the aircraft to its original status. The drone aircraft meanwhile will continue to fly the filed flight plan. When over Cuba the drone will begin transmitting on the international distress frequency a “MAY DAY” message stating he is under attack by Cuban MIG aircraft. The transmission will be interrupted by destruction of the aircraft which will be triggered by radio signal. This will allow ICAO radio[17] stations in the Western Hemisphere to tell the US what has happened to the aircraft instead of the US trying to “sell” the incident.

            Drone A/C – you mean they can fly planes without pilots? Rigging an aircraft covertly is rubbish – illegal – cause it might throw off your weight and balance…

            Get a clue

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          • Kook – I see plenty of CONTRAILS around here (condensing superhot fuel-rich jet exhaust spewed into the cold strata at a certain higher altitude). Where I live in Universal City, CA it is pretty much adjacent to the overhead daily afternoon/evening take-off pattern out of busy Burbank Intl Airport. During the late afternoon/early evening ‘rush hour’ (4pm – 7:30 or 8:00pm) out of BUR there is a commercial jet (mostly SWA) taking off every 20-seconds-to-two-minutes along the exact same South/West precise take-off pattern then peel off toward their intended destinations. This outbound frequency does not even consider the commensurate inbound LANDING pattern from the north/east INTO BUR during that timeframe. There are more than 25,000 flights taking off and landing each day in the USA. Do the math and then wonder why there are so many parallel contrails that appear in the sloping evening sunlight as it wanes into twilight. Duh! I think you ARE a kook and are not a little bit deluded.

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        • Pilot X, if you would like to know if geoengineering is happening or not, please take a look at http://www.australianrain.com.au  then take a look at the geoengineering conference which happened in Canberra Australia in September this year http://www.nccarf.edu.au/node/749  and the scientist who said these immoral climate engineering actions will destroy the ozone layer and kill people http://wakeup2thelies.com/2011/09/28/professor-geo-engineering-climate-change-solution-would-destroy-the-ozone-layer-and-kill-people/

          And Peak Energy who held the conference in Canberrahttp://peakenergy.blogspot.com/2011/09/australia-to-host-geoengineering.html

          As suggested, please watch the documentary “what in the world are they spraying”.

          With this information, we shall leave you to do your own homework from here on in.

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  2. Excellent plan!!! Thank GOD you have devised a way to monitor this assault on humanity!!! I applaud you and will post this link on the other sites that I am aware of! Thanks for picking up the ball and running with it! It takes a brave soul to take this on– thanks for your courage and leadership skills!

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  3. Hey CTKook;
    Great Idea Amigo… I ‘met’ you on These Changing Times/Free Truth Radio this Saturday April 2nd/’11.
    I really like the way you wrote that and the strategy behind it is a good one. I will send you something on FB that shows the YT censorship I have experienced since filming the prof Niels Harrit A&E911Truth presentation [on high tech military grade explosives (nanothermate) used to take down WTC Towers 1, 2 & 7] at UVic here on Van Isl Fe 26th/’11… It took a whole week to post the 3 clips and I haven’t been able to post anything since from all three computers. At one point YouTube stated that I had to wait 30496 minutes to upload the first segments… I thought it was 3875 minutes when on the show but I have since looked at the snapshot I took of the uploads page… It usually only takes takes an hour or so to upload a video clip that length so that was them screwing with me as they are now in the habit of doing continually.
    I am telling this so you are prepared for the worst. It is good to have several people helping you/witnessing, several computers , to move around to different IP addresses to post/upload and update now that electronic censorship, sabotage and attack is on a massive increase.
    Thank you for being man enough to do what you are about this most repugnant and despicable aerosol spraying program.
    If you want we’ll send you photos and health symptoms, etc from Victoria BC, Canada on Vancouver Island and you are free to upload anything from my YouTube channels as well.
    Yours In Solidarity,
    - A Hunter/JokerCo
    jokertattooo amd Captain Chemtrail on YouTube

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  4. Good job!
    Just make sure you don’t rely on google for your map … they DO evil, and work hand in hand with the US gov.

    Fyi, no chemtrails here in Phuket, Thailand, contrails disappear in a few minutes as they should, unlike when I was in Florida … ‘Funny’, huh?

    ‘Pilot X’ … you won’t make disappear chemtrails by asking stupid questions. ‘Why air crew and passengers not affected, but people on the ground?’… well, because they are INSIDE the plane, and chemtrails OUTSIDE and fall on people, for a start. “What’s the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail?” … oh my … If you can’t make the difference between something that disappears in a few minutes and leaves the sky blue, and something that spreads, spreads and covers the whole sky with a white veil, you need new glasses. And a red pill!

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  5. Surface to Air Malfeasance

    This is an awesome idea and I commend you on your efforts.

    You said: “Please include dates, time of day, and any other extra information you feel will add value”

    What may be of significance is if we could get people to report the headings (rough estimate or better) to see if the flights coincide with other community reporters. – Perhaps we could even get some conformations of take-off and potential landing areas by doing this when enough records are gathered. Would be interesting to see if they match up with observations made from sensitive suspect areas like Pinal in Arizona. I still believe the brunt of these operations are based out of AFB’s and Cargo contractor flights as evidenced by their recommendation in the Aurora Report. Use of commercial passenger planes cannot be completely ruled out especially after reading of the one whistleblower that mentioned the use of “additional plumbing” unaccounted for with effluent systems and let us not forget in-flight fuel doping with anti-static additives such as Stadis 450.

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    • I can tell you where they come out of here in Dayton, OH, the home of Project Cloverleaf Wright-Pat AFB. The Miami Valley gets the hell sprayed out of it.

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  6. Agree – great ideas – check out the video contributed from Greece – She had Flight Tracker website up – which provides real time Transponder codes and callsign information. The more sky watchers the better – and video evidence is the best. Ideally someone with an expensive zoom can grab the tail numbers – this should be possible if we can read newspapers from space… Peace

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  7. loads of red pills,

    My questions are fair and reasonable. I am sorry you regard them as stupid.
    The length of time a contrail remains visible is dependent upon the local weather conditions at altitude.

    Surface to Air Malfeasance as a commercial pilot I complete an exterior inspection before every flight, I think I would notice any added spraying equipment.
    On board there is no room to hide the chemical tanks or any additional “plumbing”
    I would notice if the empty weight of the aircraft would suddenly be higher without any added equipment listed. The Mass & Balance of an aircraft is very important for predicting the performance and handling. The extra weight and shifted center of gravity would be noticed by me on takeoff, then the trim setting is incorrect and the handling feels different. The fuel burn would be higher and as the additional chemicals were sprayed then the aircraft would need retrimming.

    Now you will need to explain to me how Stadis 450 is implicit in the worldwide conspiracy….

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      • A static reduction agent is somehow a far stretch to a global conspiracy, but you have already said that post burner can air is clean so fuel additives are not part of the conspiracy.

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        • U cant read and are beginning to piss me off – where does the air come from for pressurization dummy? off the burner? Just go back to sleep – fly your trips – live your life head down… chemtrails are real – and I am a kook.

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          • Chemtrails are at best not proven – but realistically bunkum.

            Bleed air for the packs comes from various bleed ports depending on thrust setting and phase of flight.

            Pissing you off? Why would that be, just because I don’t buy you theory of chemtrails? Bring some quantifiable evidence that airliners are involved and I will support your legal challenge.

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  8. I suppose I should have checked out the definition of kook:
    Kooks dismiss all evidence or arguments which contradict their own unconventional beliefs, making rational debate an often futile task.

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  9. Troll Cons are all The same Why bother any debate u get their ip and hold them accountable I would bother with more research But You cant hide the junk in yur trunk no more Troll http://coupmedia.org/arial-spraying/evergreen-aviation-admits-to-chemtrail-contracts-with-usaf-1401

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  10. You said, “I have extensive education on meteorology, aircraft systems, and know exactly how contrails are born. I know all about the standard lapse rate, temperature inversions, types of fog, and factors that influence contrail formation.”
    Well, maybe. It seems you don’t know about ice-supersaturation. Fairly fundamental concept in meteorology, especially cloud physics. Do a search for this with “contrails”. You might be surprised, and a bit embarrassed.

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    • BLUSH – wow I am red faced now. Listen Sally – You go read some more books about being a cubicle dwelling troll – or perhaps better – write one yourself. I have done and seen more shit in my lifetime than you will ever get a chance to experience. To be blunt you need to WAKE the F@#K UP and smell the coffee – shills get sprayed too – and shill kids and shill pets… I’m doing this for you – and I will keep you in my prayers. You have a choice today – do the right thing – or continue along your merry way until no longer useful to the trolls and then meet your executioner. Choice is yours and it’s your face in the mirror – that is if you can stand to see it. Peace

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  11. harmful radioactivity in USA reached or came? because if so … several countries are spraying chemtrails to absorb the bulk of radioactivity? I mean they are protecting them and leave the rest with nothing? or to other countries spray for bad purposes? and only for USA for protection? I was thinking all day and stayed with doubt hehe

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  12. Can someone please post an easy method of how to add awesome chemtrail pics to the World Chemtrail map. I look in the mirror and see Mr Thicky Thicko who can take pictures but has only intermediate cyber abilities. Mr Pilot X can you please explain what is going on in this trail that was fresh out of a plane that passed over me on March 25th this year: http://www.prizoner.co.uk/WC.jpg

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    • doctor mustard,

      without seeing the aircraft, I can only guess that assuming it is from a single twin-jet that the prevailing wind is causing localised turbulence. Only a guess though.

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      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crow_Instability
        “In aerodynamics, the Crow Instability is an inviscid line-vortex instability, named after its discoverer S. C. Crow. The Crow instability is most commonly observed in the skies behind large aircraft, when the wingtip vortices interact with contrails from the engines, producing visible distortions in the shape of the contrail.”

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    • goto the map – click the INFO tab – expand the VIDEO Instructions – then pick your poison – flickr – picasa – YouTube – Google Maps… Easy…



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    • I have seen nearly identical patterns. Absolutely NOT the jet trails of my childhood!

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  13. I can provide conclusive and unarguable physics and chemistry regarding the Twin Towers and the Ground Zero buildings. Unarguable.
    Analysis: http://www.box.net/shared/hf1eev4jvv

    I can also provide a forensic financial investigation of 911 which names everyone involved. This was a complicated event. Far more complicated then people are willing to believe.
    Part 1: http://www.box.net/shared/yghazdjnmd
    Part 2: http://www.box.net/shared/4vbu1tkq32

    In depth analysis of the USGS Scanning Electron Microscopy
    Part 1: http://www.box.net/shared/9duecajohk
    Part 2: http://www.box.net/shared/h81kjfkvg9
    Part 3: http://www.box.net/shared/td6593g25y

    There are no secrets, just people that don’t read.

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  14. Sick of the Govt. Troll « Pilot X »

    Really Pilot X,
    You are the one working for the Govt. here to spin and argue and confuse informed people who already know the basics. You are a little late, dude!
    We KNOW from PUBLIC U.S. Patents, dozens of them, that chemical sprayers are invented and out there for use. READ THEM. They list their potential uses IN THE PATENT!!! WE ARE NOT SO IGNORANT. You WILL be exposed. That’s right, you specifically. Your super stupid comments about the blatantly obvious difference in the trails give you away! Really. Fooling NO ONE here. We expect you on every one of these threads…..but it won’t work. Go back to your superior at the DoD chump. Tell him the pot is ready to boil over…..and then say your prayers……you will be accountable.

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    • There are patents for all sorts of things, it doesn’t mean they have all been manufactured.

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      • The patents for “artificial cloud” making with aircraft go all the way back to 1920. Multiple patents nearly every year for almost 100 years.. To suggest that they have not been used is absurd. I believe aircrap has this document, but you can google “Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds” and it is all over. Additionally, while I unfortunately can’t source them, I have read U.$. patents from approximately 2001 clearly describing the aerosolization of powdered metal (specifically barium, being the most highly reactive to light) via addition to jet fuel causing no harm to the engines, with no special mechanical modifications to the aircraft being necessary. A simple “fuel additive” isn’t going to raise anyone’s suspicions. It drives me to distraction when I see people rail on and on about the lack of mechanical apparatus for dispersal when it is right in front of them, known as a jet engine. I personally recognized the change in jet exhaust before ever hearing the term “chemtrail”. My independent empirical observation of this change led me to seek evidence, which was very scarce in 1999, but is now abundant. As humans we tend to see what we expect, or what we wish the world to be. I didn’t wish chemtrails into existence. I just noticed them one fateful day and have been watching the skies closely ever since. Denial is a swift and deep current beneath the mental landscape.

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        • See if “they” add barium to fuel it changes the weight of the fuel and pilots would notice when the specific gravity of the fuel changed for no reason. Soory, but I call bullshit on that suggestion.

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  15. You people are amazing. Why is anyone who presents a view that is not following you particular belief suddenly a government employee? Are your delusions and paranoia so strong?

    There are no chemical sprayers “out there” – if there are I invite you to photograph one. Show me the evidence.

    My biggest worry is that someone is going to do something stupid and attack either an operating aircrew or an aircraft, websites like this do not reduce the risk of that happening.

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    • Pilot X- Get a life. If you had one you would care. While you’re at it, look up Weather Modification, Inc. http://www.weathermodification.com/
      They can modify numerous planes, I only hope they are shot down, the chemicals raining down on us might as well be bullets. Just because you run off at the mouth doesn’t mean you’re immune. Take a deep breath PILOT X.

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  16. Weather modification by cloud seeding has been carried since before WW II, it is nothing new and certainly is not anything unusual.
    I am genuinely concerned about the number of threats being made against civilian aircraft.

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    • There you go with TERRORISM – you would go there – I love going to the airport and getting body scanned. Love it. And love the face scanning cameras, the financial terrorism of the banks, the ID requirements – all part of the plan. No really – I love freedom and I took and oath and I intend on keeping it. There will be no call for shooting airplanes out of the sky from our corner. Yet you raise the subject – perhaps we should hit the KILL switch on the internet to prevent people from expressing ideas. Perhaps these imaginary “threats against civilian aircraft” will cause the NWO henchmen to come and take my guns – my stinger missiles – my C4 – as I am a “terrorist”. You have no clue about the truth – answer me this batman – how many buildings fell in NYC on 911? How many were hit by planes? What is the melting point of steel frame construction girders? Why are there significant contrary eye witness reports to the path of the aircraft that supposedly hit the Pentagon? You are in fairy tale land my friend. Wake up and get a clue. We will be here – Peace

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      • kook,

        look at the message above, I quote “I only hope they are shot down”. Seems pretty unequivocal to me. There are a number of other messages and comments on this site that relate to building surface to air missiles and shooting at airliners. I have not accused anyone of being a terrorist, I am simply uneasy at the number of comments about shooting at airliners.

        All of a sudden you shift your argument to 911 conspiracies, which I am afraid to say I do not see the connection. Stick with one conspiracy and we can at least attempt to discuss that like adults.

        As yet you have provided no evidence at all of commercial aircraft being involved in the mythical spraying of humanity for as yet undecided purposes.

        As you hold an ATPL and are type rated on Gulfstreams, can you tell me where on your aircraft the secret plumbing is located? How about the spray gear, where is that located in the airframe?

        C’mon mate, humour me. Show me the pictures, you will have airside access with an ATPL, so you should be able to easily find the chemtrail equipment and supply depot on the airports that are involved.

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  17. Thank you for all you do Kook..the non believers are just what the government wants..just like the people who dont believe that BUSH was responsible for 9-11..still amazed that people think all these buildings could just fall perfectly within them selves…Great job and thanks for caring enough to put this out there..as for X..ya need to smarten up and get your head outta the clouds,,lol

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  18. To make this clean cut.. I will not reply to any blind posts..

    Every trail that stays and spreads is a Chemtrail.

    If the trail is short and dissipates within 2-5 minutes it’s a real contrail from water vapor, watch your sunset they love to spay by the sun. If the sun has a multi color poison rainbow hazy ring, that’s called a chem-bow or sun-dog.
    The Moon has them too, called; Moon-Dogs, and Moon-rings.. from the poison sky..

    Use polarized sunglasses you can see the multi-color around the sun.. or partial rainbows chem-bows.. light reflects for sure, but on what the aluminum or barium? Dr. use barium to see inside.. what makes the gov any diffrent?

    Rule #1 Trust no one in power..
    Rule #2 If it looks like oil spill sky, then it’s not just water vapor..
    Rule #3 Wake up

    This post is for all the disbelievers, why the hell are you on this site then?
    Misdirection is not needed, we get enough from our media..
    Also just cause you don’t kill people for fun, does not mean others don’t kill for fun or to lower the population, Yes sure cause there crazy but we have to stop them..

    Theirs 2 types of people now days in 2011: The AWAKE and SLEEPING Zombies (choice is yours)


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  19. I am not a picture taker no cam, but I have studied this stuff for years. LIstened to most of the experts. Call my congressman and senators and get denial after denial…I am a nurse, so when you said or someone said, they use Barium to look inside , just as the radiologists do. So, why would they want to see what the inside of my body looks like? And are they taking pictures of all us then?
    Also, what is Aluminum dust, fibers, barium doing to the Air we breathe? Isn’t it pushing our the oxygen? ;into outer space? and Oxygen is flameable. So maybe that is why the Sun is Solar Flaring more and reaching the earth better because with HARRP plus Chemtrails…and them heating up the atmosphere so they can push the “hot air ” out into outerspace…well the Sun might be ingiting it then with its heat? And isn’t the Atmosphere’s getting satruated with this stuff , I heard the Plasma is even and all of it will be contaminating our planet for millions of years…….And so if they are using all of this crap to depopluate us…..then where are they going to live? Why aren’t we seeing more and more congressman and Presidents and ex Presidents dying off like flies? Where or how are they finding their safety, from all of this ? And someone said, the Chemtrails will protect us from the radiation coming from Japan? To me and my chemistry mind , it will make it worse….by binding those toxic neurotoxins with radiation and mutating the chemicals into something worse….Have you ever spoken with anyone who is into the Eugenics program…do you think they are white collar psychopaths? In other words , they don’t just kill one person at a time, but masses of people and countries..are they spraying China or India? If so I wonder what they think about this ? I think this truly is an attack on all of humanity on this planet. by someone or group of people who think they are the only superiors ones and they inter bred and everything….they have to be really sick people. without a conscious. What is the goal? I heard Senator John Kerry say on Charlie Rose show that there are too many people on earth now and using up too much oxygen, and we must reduce our population down to what it was in the United States in the early 1700″s! Which means , during the Civil War there were only 30 some million people in the USA and 650K were killed in the Civil War……So we have 303 million now, and they would like to see that reduced to 30 million? Do they plan on living through the Eugenics plan? And How? And what fun will it be to marry your sister, or your brother ? LOL………..and breathe radiation and mutate into monsters or cretin”s.! To me its like they are bunch of boys playing with a Chemistry kit they got at Christmas and they don’t know the dangers of it , the consequences of it but they are experimenting with it anyway……..Also, if we are all suppose to be using less gasoline , why are the commerical jets not using hydrogen fuel? I read where just with the commerical planes alone, they are burning 500,000 gallons of jet fuel a year…..think of the pollution that is causing let alone if they have a chemtrail sprayer hooked up and spraying that crap……….this past summer I saw them Spraying Black Smoke that made Black clouds….we in the health food store were all talking about it as we looked the window over Lake Michigan from the store….I’ll bet there were 15 people there asking What in the World are they Spraying?
    I thought maybe it was coming from the Gulf Oil Spill …..they were trying to get rid of it by dumping it in the Great Lakes or maybe it had some corexit in it to spray the Great Lakes to use the man eating bacteria to clean up the lakes with it someway……or just to contamiate the Great Lakes and get rid of us swimmers over time……..? Anyway a few weeks later we read in the Newspapaer and we saw them on the beaches, dead fish, dead birds later the paper reported the birds and fish died of Botulism!!!!!!! doesn’t make sense at all to this nurse……..Anyway…. my concern is What can we do to get our voices heard , for the government to stop it? Are there any good people in government who would like to find out the truth? Or are their lives threatened in doing so? Is it a conspiracy going on against us? Because , jit seems to be , that government does not want us finding out any of their conspiracies against us and our Republic……when the Eugenics program was founded back in the 1920′s by government…..its a known fact…so who is continuing it to conspire against our Certain Unaleinable Rights…its their conspiracy not ours…….We want Truth not LIes and Consequences…..That’s all we are asking because we have evidence of being ill from many chemicals that are now in our Air, Food and water. and Do we have a right to tell them its causing diseases and death or are we suppose to just take it and shut up , and don’t cry about it….Kind of like an Abuser would say to his victim kind of thing….yah know what I mean? I can’t figure out how people in government can not say something and keep it all a big secret until they leave their position and then they want to do something about it………ATheir thinking is so ludricous I can’t imagine being that type of person…..Please answer some of my questions……even if its to say, I am going to die for asking them? and wanting to know them.! .

    Rating: 3.0/5 (4 votes cast)
    • Surface to Air Malfeasance

      Jan, you hit the nail on the head.
      “To me its like they are bunch of boys playing with a Chemistry kit they got at Christmas and they don’t know the dangers of it , the consequences of it but they are experimenting with it anyway”
      There is heavy involvement from the scientific community, the same mindset of people that proceeded with exploding the first atom bomb – at that time some of their peers were not sure if the explosion would set up a chain reaction with the hydrogen in the atmosphere and fry the entire planet – of course they went ahead with it anyhow. That is how these people continue to operate.

      I personally believe that through compartmentalization there are quite a few politicians that are left out of the loop and have been told that anyone approaching them should be avoided as it currently remains in the realm of military and homeland security projects. Due to the size of the project it is becoming an increasingly larger problem for them to finance through black project funding – hence they are currently attempting to sell it to the public as geoengineering to save us all from global warming and gather more tax dollars. By doing this they have also drawn in other stakeholders who can benefit. Just a few examples would be: GMO companies looking to cash in from selling seeds that will grow in soils that have been altered/poisoned – possibly communications companies piggybacking off a more conductive atmospheric soup – not to mention supply, support and upkeep of product and flight operations (multi – billion dollar industry just waiting to be unleashed into so called legitimacy). The scary one is the grab for fresh water supplies.

      You’ve by now heard the buzz words of sustainable development and carbon credits/trading/tax. A breakdown for you: sustainable development and the elimination of global poverty means: reducing the population in order to sustain the remaining planetary resources for the remaining chosen few administered by a global government that models itself on a form of neo corporate communism. Maybe that is why China is at present dragging their feet in regards to spraying operations. After all they are currently the slave labor market that is the backbone of supply, operating under a system that the global elitists desire to remain at the end of the game. I am sure that the likes of China would be able to implement their own reduction scheme at the drop of a hat and their population would have no voice, as it currently does, to prevent such an operation from proceeding. These so called elites have calculated it down to a specific number, a value given to you and how much carbon you produce in your lifetime – you have just had a negative price/value assigned to you regardless of how “green” you practice to be – it is averaged out to everyone from the African with a tin hut to the 3 SUV owner in North America. Who are the supposed worse offenders and what populace will be the most difficult to slip this past? – that is where the priority is – The Developed Nations – death by a thousand cuts so to speak.

      This whole Malthusian mindset was adopted by the jet setting internationalists members of government such as those in the CFR and carefully seeded into backdoor policy. It came to a head in the 70′s where a “Plan/Programme of Action” was implemented. See NSM200 along with the United Nations Agenda 21 and a book called “Limits to Growth”.

      Members subscribe to the policy that the unchecked growth of humanity is bad for the planet and would be willing to proceed with incrementally poisoning off large portions of the populace as wars just did not bring in enough numbers to satisfy the objective. So yes, our so called leaders would prefer if we did as your question suggested “or are we suppose to just take it and shut up”. They truly believe they are acting in the interests of the greater good by allowing this cull to happen. It is not just the chemtrails, think of the other events taking their toll – you mentioned the Gulf, now Fukushima and the purposeful delays in action.
      You and I have been declared the enemy along with millions of others, we just aren’t supposed to know it until it is too late and the ones orchestrating this plan have worked real hard to prevent us from finding out.

      Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  20. Surface to Air Malfeasance

    Congratulations mate. You just pressed the “terrorist” button. So now you are labeling all the people who would dare to question any “experimentation or testing” being done in our atmosphere, terrorists? Wow, that would be to easy to shut everyone up wouldn’t it? We know you shills are organized, and work very hard to distract newcomers from the truth. It only stands to reason that you and your ilk may very well be connected to the government as they are the ones not even bothering to address such easily dis-proven or “speculative” questioning. Maybe not all but perhaps you or some of your mentor “meteorological educated cohorts” are better educated in the fine arts of “steering” and “psychological ops.” than actual meteorology?

    “Could it be? Is there any truth to the fact that social conditioning is a coordinated effort by smaller groups that frequent chemtrail discussions? A conspiracy, if you will?

    Welcome to the school of “Arguing for the sake of Arguing”


    Just thought it may be of interest to those who would care to take a look inside the mindset of some of people who just can’t get past the condition of normalcy bias.

    Whether used as an entertainment hobby or in some instances, questionable objectives that have potential for financial incentives.

    Lets take a look at some of our friends that call themselves “debunkers” otherwise known to us as shills, trolls (and even perhaps a few members of cointelpro steering ops?)that haunt anything on the net when the word chemtrail comes into discussion —— Na, couldn’t be (sarcasm).”


    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    • There really is no hope for you people.

      Continue making complete fools of yourselves.

      Scientific evidence, common sense and logic are against you, but keep wasting your lives away focussing on this rubbish.

      I will take normalcy bias over paranoid delusions any day.

      As for financial incentives? Well, I don’t have a big red DONATE NOW button, whereas this website does.

      Just sayin’….

      Rating: 1.0/5 (3 votes cast)
      • Surface to Air Malfeasance

        Anyone else want to chime in and give Pilot X a proper send off seeing as he has deemed that we are all hopeless.
        I am too ashamed and humiliated to the point of remaining silent as we all should be. I mean, how dare we question something that may concern our well being? I’m gonna turn myself in to social services right away to get an evaluation for re-education to rid myself of these paranoid delusions.
        We’ll miss you pilot, perhaps we’ll all meet up someday at that big government koolaid stand in the sky.

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      • Pilot X. You are pathetic. Why are on on this site? You are purposely trying to stir shit up, that is your intention. That is quite obvious.

        Do you think a single person on this site cares what you type? It has zero value. Zero.

        Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself!

        Go join an anti-chemtrail group LOL

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  21. Living in Mount Shasta California, I see chemtrails overhead more days than not. The planes I see spraying are definitely not commercial airliners. I’ve taken zoom photos of them and they are unmarked except for sometimes a red mark on the tail. And they fly much lower and much more frequently than commercial airliners. So, these planes are solely dedicated to the spraying operations. If they are manned at all and not flying on remote control, then the crews would be working for the corporation that hires them and they probably get paid a lot of money. And if they are piloted by people then those crews flying spraying missions over the U.S. are probably not American. They would be foreign born “contractors” that would feel no qualms about spraying here. Likewise the pilots ( if any ) flying spraying missions over foreign countries are probably not native of those places. It makes sense to me, and so answers how the planes get loaded with chemicals without the crews knowing about it. Of course they would know about it to be able to do their job properly. And to them it is probably just a job.

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  22. To Pilot X.
    These are not airliners.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    • KFJ

      You are making an awful lot of assumptions there.

      I have yet to see anything like what you describe. Can you post some of your pictures?

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  23. Assumptions??? Today started out as a clear sunny day, Until the chemtrail spewing UNMARKED tankers flew over. Since then it’s been over cast and cloudy. I could post some photos, but you would just make one of your dismissive comments like I’ve seen you make about other people’s photos.
    I said where I live. Where do you live, that you have yet to see what I describe?

    Rating: 3.0/5 (2 votes cast)
    • I live in the UK and work in the aviation industry. I have never in all my years of flying ever seen unmarked aircraft flying – and certainly not anything that can be construed as a “spraytanker”

      Post a link to the pictures of these unmarked spraytankers, I am genuinely interested to see what they look like.

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  24. Well why don’t you fly over here to Mount Shasta, California and I’ll buy you a cup o tea and I’ll show them to you. As you’ve never seen anything like them before, you should find it very interesting. They fly over almost every day, so if you stay for a few days you’re bound to see at least a few. And if you like trout fishing, opening day of trout season on the Sacramento River starts this weekend. I know some very secluded spots I could show you.

    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
    • Thank you very much for your kind invitation, but unfortunately I will have to work. Trout fishing in your part of the world would be great experience. I may contact you in the future if ever I am in the area.

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    • Great job Kook!

      Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
      • I don’t see anything particularly unusual in those contrail images, but that’s just me I guess.

        When will someone show some evidence that isn’t just some dodgy video of contrails? How about the basic stuff?
        Airport facilities for the chemicals we are supposed to be dumping?
        The supply chains for the chemicals?
        The aircraft that are carrying out these crimes against humanity – where are they?

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        • You are truly dense or just plain ignorant. Some days here if you wake up early enough the sky is still blue. You can watch VISIBLE planes flying back and forth all day long creating a checkerboard pattern of lines and those lines spread out until the sky is completely covered and there is no blue left. Only a total fool can still claim they’re contrails.

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  25. Happy Easter from Mt. Shasta!
    The chemtrail spewers have apparently taken the day off! It’s a nice day up here, with white clouds and a blue sky behind them. I hope you all remember what that looks like and I don’t have to take and post a photo… ;-)

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  26. Surface to Air Malfeasance

    Pilot X if that is you Steve, we have some unfinished business that I would like you and others to take a look at in regards to your comment:

    Dead Sardines
    Steve – March 13 2011 4:23
    “Jet engines are very expensive pieces of equipment to run and maintain. Operators, either military or civilian, do not want to add anything to the fuel that will reduce the time between overhaul or any thing that will increase the cost of operation.”

    In response:

    Oh, I know what you are going to say.
    “The guy does doodles of aircraft for a living, that certainly can’t be taken as credible evidence”
    so, how did I do?
    If I wanted to join you on the Dark Side, would you put in a good word for me? What’s the pay and benefit package like?

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    • Other than mentioning something about later generation KC-135s I didnt hear much about the aircraft that are being used, plenty of conjecture and speculation from someone who has a big pair of binoculars, but not exactly a Chemtrails Deep Throat really.

      S.A.M. if you get yourself an EASA ATPL and IR I am sure I can find the right desk to put your cv on. The pay is not so great, the lifestyle is rough if you have a family and the benefits package is pretty awful, the hosties make your life a misery and the pax complain about anything less than a silky smooth landing. You will need to report at 0430 for an 0600 departure and spend the first hour of the day doing a walkround in the cold and rain with a grumpy captain expecting you to read his mind. Sound like the Top Gun dream?

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  27. S.A.M.

    Steve is the one who gave me a link to this site as the administrator on this site threatened to contact his employer. I would have been the one who would have recieved the complaint so he felt I should know.
    Well, I have become fascinated by the subject in general, and this website in particular.

    I will take some time to listen to the youtube link and get back to you if that is ok with you? It is late here and I need to get some sleep. We NWOtrolls and disinfo shills need our beauty sleep too you know.

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  28. Dear Chemtrail Kook
    I like your map and how it shows there’s conspiracy theory wackos all over the US seeing the same thing, and it just so happens I’m also one of those wackos in Canada, you can add a couple more blue things in Rocky Mountain House, Sylvan Lake, Red Deer Alberta, Prince Albert and I was hunting near a small town called Hazlet, Saskatchewan, I have video proof of all those places on my youtube channel NotAsItSeemsToBe except for the Hazlet time, I didn’t have my camera. Also I love the name of the Aircrap Newsletter.

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  29. The patents for “artificial cloud” making with aircraft go all the way back to 1920. Multiple patents nearly every year for almost 100 years.. To suggest that they have not been used is absurd. I believe aircrap has this document, but you can google “Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds” and it is all over. Additionally, while I unfortunately can’t source them, I have read U.$. patents from approximately 2001 clearly describing the aerosolization of powdered metal (specifically barium, being the most highly reactive to light) via addition to jet fuel causing no harm to the engines, with no special mechanical modifications to the aircraft being necessary. A simple “fuel additive” isn’t going to raise anyone’s suspicions. It drives me to distraction when I see people rail on and on about the lack of mechanical apparatus for dispersal when it is right in front of them, known as a jet engine. I personally recognized the change in jet exhaust before ever hearing the term “chemtrail”. My independent empirical observation of this change led me to seek evidence, which was very scarce in 1999, but is now abundant. As humans we tend to see what we expect, or what we wish the world to be. I didn’t wish chemtrails into existence. I just noticed them one fateful day and have been watching the skies closely ever since. Denial is a swift and deep current beneath the western mental landscape.

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  30. My understanding is that the chemicals are mixed into the fuel, that way it’s sprayed unknowingly by many kinds of aircraft.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    • Do you have any reason to believe that? Any evidence or is it just a hunch?

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      • I’ve been trying to remember where he was when he said it, but it came from Jesse Ventura…sounds like a good plan, if that is the case.

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  31. Here you go pilot x!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q28dQaaLQGQ  Does not get more obvious than that!! Now GOOD BYE!!!

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    • Good grief. This video again?

      The items that are supposed to be “nozzles” are flap runner cowlings.

      Get clued in about aviation before you make yourself look stupid.

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    • Strange how the ‘nozzles aren’t spraying anything. The febreeze is coming from different locations.

      Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  32. Wow. Just wow. You people are excellent at connecting invisible dots!

    I’m sure it’s the reptoids who are putting the sprayers on the planes but they are using small anti-gravity devices so they aren’t extra heavy… or they are just filled with helium.

    I’m guessing that maybe the sprayers are just full of Febreeze anyway to make everything fresher. Hooray!

    Anyway, Pilot X. Good for you to tolerate this credulous crowd of fiction-mongers. I’m certain that many folks have stumbled across this site in an earnest search for answers and your rational information and discourse will have helped immensely. All these accusations that you are from the gub’ment or whatever just make the accuser look even more paranoid. It’s quite funny how this is a huge secret conspiracy that is known by no one except for conspiracy goofs on the internet.

    Kudos Pilot X. Just don’t speak up too loud or the Bilderbergs or Illuminati will getcha!!


    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
    • Thanks Chip, it is unusual to have someone say something positive about my contribution here!!

      Anyway must go, it is time for me to shape shift into a 8 foot tall purple lizard.

      Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
      • I’m quite surprised my comment made it through the moderator!

        When you shapeshift, remember not to let anyone see you except conspiracy theorists.

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  33. i like this post a lot

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  34. To be honest with you, when I saw the domain aircrap.org, I actually laughed thinking this was going to be a funny site. After reading the content on here about the pilots and 9-11 and everything else, this is not a funny subject at all. Yes, I knew the stuff in the Twin Towers had to be done by explosives and not from a plain crashing in it. This was all part of the plan to launch the Homeland Security to take away more freedoms. It’s just too bad so many innocent people had to die for this.

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  35. ÿþ|

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  36. Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this website needs rather more consideration. I?ll most likely be once more to learn far more, thanks for that info.

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  37. I don’t know what it is or why it’s done and I don’t care. Here’s what I DO know. We live on a U.S. Military base in Germany. I have NEVER lived in a place where I have seen air traffic discharge such as I do here. Where we are, they “fly by” weekly and then some. This time, it has been for four straight days. I have been getting serious headaches and alergic symptoms. Never fail, on these days, the sky is lined and criss crossed with SOMETHING and the hills/mountains have an odd hued fog. When I wake lately, I feel as if I had been put to sleep with drugs. We’ve checked all of our “detectors” and our home is less than 5 yrs old. I take vit B and Iron in recommended dose to rule out those issues. The docs say “nothing is wrong” that they can find. Well, that’s BS. I’m 34 and I feel 80, yet there is “nothing medically wrong” that they test for. Maybe it’s not connected, but I don’t care! I want this stopped, because bottom line is WE DON’T KNOW! Even those of you who don’t feel it’s a problem have no friggin’ clue what it is and that is NOT okay. NO ONE has the right to force feed us anything, good for us, bad for us or otherwise.

    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
    • The same thing is happening here. The days the spraying is heaviest the leaves on the herb plants on my kitchen window sill curl up. When they stop spraying the plants recover.

      Heavy spraying causes dogs and cats to throw up and horses to cough. Lately it has been especially heavy and causes headaches, earaches and toothaches and extreme fatigue.

      An orphan filly (baby horse) that was brought here was doing fine until the spraying got heavier. Days they spray heavy she looks really bad – like she is dehydrated. In between she looks better. This morning she was ok – this afternoon she suddenly died for no apparent reason.

      Today they are burying a local 19 year old who died in his bed. Many others mostly elderly are dying around here too. No doubt the media will not be doing any stories on the rising death rates – they’re still claiming the average longevity is increasing. I don’t buy it.

      What I want to know at this point is whether there is anywhere they aren’t spraying heavily. Moving would be very wise – at least until we can stop this – IF there is anywhere worth moving. Perhaps the way they are going to get people out of the areas on that map of where they want people to be is by creating droughts and killing off all growing things to the point that people either die or voluntarily relocate.

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  38. My post here does not mean that I agree with the 9-11 theory or any theory about whatever, I just know that I have been unwell and have noticed it is usually, and absolutly worse, when all those lines/trails are in the sky over our home.

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  39. Christal Fumagalli

    I will agree with Mario and say our attacking was not up to par. We can’t forget that before last season and the utterly terrible defense, the season before our attacking was not so good. I think our midfield and wingers need a bit of time to gel and incorporate each other and rvp into the one-touch passing leading to a quality finish. In three weeks if we aren’t scoring more than 1 or 0 goals a game, I’ll be concerned. I’d like to see ryo and Ox get some playing time soon. But out in out I thought arsenal were better than Dortmund

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  40. Thanks for another great article. The place else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the search for such info.

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  43. Thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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  44. Really informative article post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

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  45. Bunch of bs

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  46. All they have to do is put in in the fuel.

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  47. Get people to put webcams pointing in the sky streaming to the net – that would quickly resolve “maybe” issues – also another issue – if someone was putting chemicals in the air, is it possible that it is done by another plane, that somehow reacts abnormally with the chemtrail producing plane? Peace.

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