25 septembre 2012

¤ The Chemtrails and The Magenta Halos

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This article was expanded on September 24, 2012

Halos First Appear Around Lights

An Aerosol HaloChemtrails first began appearing daily in Jamestown, New York in 2005. At the same time, I began seeing the most interesting thing. When I looked at street lights or parking lot lights at night, I would see what appeared to be a faint, magenta halo around them.

The outer edge of this halo—working from inside to outside—would fade to orange and then yellow. The orange and yellow bands were relatively small compared to the diameter of the magenta core. The way the halos faded from the core to the outer rim created a striking, 3-dimensional spherical appearance. Throughout my life I had always looked at street lights at night, but I had never seen anything like this before.

Halo Intensity Matches Spray Intensity

I have a very sensitive sense of taste and smell, so I can easily detect the intensity chemtrails in the air at any time. Because of this sensitivity, I immediately discovered that the intensity of the halos around lights was directly proportional to the intensity of chemtrail aerosols in the air. This correlation was tightly coupled. As the intensity of the aerosols increased, so did the intensity of the halos. As the plume blew away and the intensity of the smell and taste of the chemtrail decreased, so did the intensity of the halos. This correlation remains to this day.

What Causes Halos?

¤ The Chemtrails and The Magenta Halos dans Chemtrails et pluies de fils/fibres/etc... Reflection,w200Halos are caused when light, traveling away from a light source, hits particles in the air and is reflected back towards the camera (or your eye).

You can learn a lot about the particles in the air by the type of reflection they produce. A non-uniform « hazy » reflection may indicate that the reflective particles vary in shape and size. A uniform, well-shaped reflection may indicate that the particles are uniform in shape and size.

In the case of aerosol halos, the shape is very uniform and even appears spherical when viewed under ideal conditions. This suggests that the particles reflecting the light are all the same shape and size.

Later in this article I talk about the white haze that consistently appeared a couple years after the magenta halos and obscured them. This haze is non-uniform and indicates a reflective particle that varies in size and/or shape.

Why Magenta?

Cinnabar,w200 dans EtrangeThe primary color of the original aerosol halos is a deep-red or magenta. Today, when only white light is available, the halos apper a pale-pink. Around high-pressure sodium lights (often used in street lights) which tend to emit an orangish hue, the halos sometimes appear yellow or orange.

In movies and television shows, when red lights shine directly into the camera, the most dramatic and well-defined red halos appear. Clearly, the chemtrail halos are most reflective in the deep-red (magenta) color range.

The appearance of the aerosol halos is associated with a chemtrail type called the « Acetone » type (because it smells and tastes like acetone). This chemtrail type is also associated with health symptoms known specifically to be caused by mercury.

Mercury is mined as a magenta-colored ore called cinnabar. Because of its color, it is most reflective in the deep-red color range, just as the aerosol halos are. This leads us to the logical question:

Do aerosol halos favor magenta light because of the presence of mercury in the form of the inexpensive, unrefined ore of cinnabar?

When we consider the fact that chemtails induce a number of health symptoms that arespecifically identified with mercury toxicity, we have good reason for concern.

Halos In Hollywood

GossipGirl,S2E2,w140 dans Outils/Bon à savoir Smash,S1E3,w140
NewGirl,S9E9,w140 NewGirl2,S9E9,w140 CovertAffairs,S3E4,StreetLights,h80

These pictures show chemical aerosol halos appearing around lights in the popular television shows « Gossip Girl », « Smash », « New Girl », and « Covert Affairs ». Click to zoom and view detailed descriptions.

Another striking change that I’ve noticed since chemtrails began is in movies and television shows. When a light is shining into the camera, you can see the magenta halos. Of course, the halos may look somewhat different to the camera than they do to the human eye, but they do appear nonetheless.

Glee,S4E2,LightBulb,h80 Glee,S4E2,LightBulbCloser,h80 RoyalPains,S2E7,EyeExam,h80

Here we see clear chemtrail halos in two popular series: « Glee » and « Royal Pains ». Click to zoom and view detailed descriptions.

Older movies, such as the classic « They Live », show no such artifacts whatsoever. In fact, no older movies we’ve seen have any of these artifacts.


In this screen capture from the classic Carpenter movie « They Live » (1988), a light shines almost directly into the camera but no aerosol halo can be seen. In this scene, there is some dust in the air producing a visible haze, but throughout the movie, there are night scenes and streetlights but no aerosol halos appear. Virtually every movie and television show made since the early 2000′s contains aerosol halos any time a bright light shines into the camera.

Don’t be surprised if these artifacts begin to show up in newer copies of older movies. Many are already reporting that chemtrails have been inserted into scenes of older movies. In fact, we have witnessed this ourselves.

This clip from the 1970 film « The Railway Children » was re-edited in 2005 and used in an ad for Virgin Trains. The re-edited version has a chemtrail inserted into the sky in the background. 2005 is the year that $996 million was allocated in the U.S. for a line item called « Aircraft Services » that we believe was used to fund the massive chemical aerosol (« chemtrail ») program. In 2006, this funding rose to over $1 billion. 2005 was the year that most people began to see chemtrails on a daily basis.

Because of the high-cost of special effects and post-production video processing, it is unlikely that these artifacts will be masked out of new productions. It’s much cheaper to insert them into some old productions. Then they will use those altered examples as « evidence » that they have always existed. This disinformation technique has already been used by inserting trails into old war videos and photographs. We’ve also witnessed it in some classic older Hollywood movies.


This frame from the TV series « Gossip Girl » (Season 2, Episode 3) shows a distinct aerosol halo surrounding a candle despite the rest of the picture being crisp and clear. This artifact does not appear in television shows or movies before widespread chemtrail spraying began. This may change as special effect producers are hired to insert this effect into new copies of older movies.

Favoring Deep-Red Light

GossipGirl,S2E16,RedLights,h80 GossipGirl,S2E16,RedLight,h80 GossipGirl,S2E16,RedLightNose,h80 GissipGirl,S3E18,CarTaillights,h80

These frames from the series « Gossip Girl » expose the affinity halos have for red light and also show halos appearing in front of obstances, in this case, the characters themselves. Click to zoom and view detailed descriptions.

Hiding The Halos

in-flight-haze-jet-zoom-thumbA year or two after chemtrails were first sprayed daily in Jamestown, there was a change in the taste and smell of the aerosols. It was as if the original chemtrail type was now mixed with another chemtrail type and the two were being sprayed together, at the same time. Consequently, at the same time the halos changed. Instead of appearing alone with their eerie magenta glow and spherical 3-D appearance, they were now obscured somewhat by a white haze around street lights. It looked as if there was a lot of moisture in the air. This white haze made the halos harder to see, but it appeared regardless of the humidity levels in the air. Even in the middle of a cold, dry New York winter, this haze would still appear around street lights in proportion to the intensity of the smell and taste of the new chemtrail component in the air. Again, this correlation between the intensity of the smell and taste was always lock-step with the visibility of the haze and of the halos.

When the halos first appeared, I was shocked at how visible they were. Not only that, but their deep magenta core color was very unnatural in its appearance. It was like watching someone create a special effect in a video or image.

What shocked me even more than the sudden appearance of the halos was that people were not standing around talking about them, wondering what was causing them. I know other people saw them because when I pointed them out, people would admit that they were visible. Nevertheless, most people appeared to simply accept them without thinking twice.

The Whistleblowers

AmbulanceIn the early days of widespread chemtrail spraying (around 2005), a number of whistleblowers who were hospital workers came out and publicly admitted that they were told by their hospitals to monitor and report hospital occupancy rates on a regular basis. They were told to call a phone number and report these occupancy rates. They didn’t know why they had to report this information, and they were not told who they were reporting to.

Being intelligent people, these whistleblowers noticed the massive chemtrail spraying in the sky, and they also noticed that hospital occupancy rated rose and fell in lock-step with the amount of spraying that was taking place. This correlation between spraying and hospital occupancy rates was the frightening realization that caused most of these whistleblowers to go public.

These whistleblowers gained a lot of attention from the alternative news media but were completely ignored by mainstream news. Within a couple years, these stories faded away and we no longer heard from hospital-occupancy whistleblowers.

A Feedback Mechanism for Tight Control

SilhouetteIs it possible that these whistleblowers provided feedback to those spraying chemtrails and this feedback was used to adjust chemtrail intensity in various areas so they could make as many people as sick as possible without causing hospitals to overflow?

Certainly, if hospitals began to overflow, local news stations would report this and it would raise public attention. It may even trigger local investigations into the cause of such widespread illness and these investigations may begin to find patterns of massive barium, aluminum, strontium, or mercuryexposure (as we are finding today). Of course, those spraying chemtrails don’t want any public suspicion about the connection between the lines in the sky and illness rates, so this feedback mechanism could have been their method for controlling aerosol spray intensity so as to inflict the maximum amount of damage while receiving only a minimum amount of public attention.

The Patriot Act and Chemtrails

DisinfoRoomIt has been widely accepted that the Patriot Act—which permits thousands of monitors to listen in on private phone conversations—could be providing feedback to those who spray chemtrails. If and when these monitors heard a large number of people talking about the eerie magenta halos, perhaps this information was used to provoke those spraying chemtrails to remix their chemtrail formulas so as to obscure the eerie halos with the white haze that suddenly appeared.

It’s well known that this type of tight feedback mechanism is vital for the success of any disinformation campaign. If you’re going to be successful in any deception, you have to know exactly what your target audience is thinking at all times.

Many whistleblowers who were used to monitor phone calls under the Patriot Act have come out and admitted that phone calls have been monitored without discretion. All kinds of information has been collected that has nothing to do with « national security »—the claimed purpose for the monitoring in the first place.


I have been watching the correlation between the magenta halos and chemtrail intensity for over 7 years now, and this correlation has never failed. It is blatantly obvious that the halos are caused by chemical aerosols.

I have also witnessed the altering of Hollywood movies and television shows where chemtrails have been inserted. Numerous animated movies contain not only chemtrails, but a wide array of chemtrail artifacts that have never been seen in the sky before widespread spraying began.Cloud charts distributed by NASA have invented new cloud types with new names that are actually chemtrail artifacts. School children are now being taught that these are natural cloud formations regardless of the fact that these « new » cloud types are witnessed forming from chemtrails on a daily basis.


The NASA cloud chart on the left depicts about two-dozen « new » cloud types. Virtually every one of these are actually artifacts that remain after chemtrail spraying. On the right is a scene from the popular animated movie « Over The Hedge » which has numerous chemtrails inserted into the sky throughout the movie.

The coordination in spreading disinformation about chemtrails is widespread and well orchestrated. This should not surprise us. This type of coordination between hollywood, mainstream news, and the military has happened many times in history.

Those spraying chemtrails, if caught, will be prosecuted and executed for crimes against humanity on a scale never before seen in human history. Don’t be surprised when they utilizeevery trick and every technology to attempt to convince the public that chemtrails are natural and harmless contrails. They are, in fact, fighting an information war, and they know that their lives depend on them winning.

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