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4 octobre 2012

¤ Air Traffic Controllers

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Cet article que nous ne publions que maintenant était en brouillon depuis le 30 novembre 2012 – Ü

By William Thomas

VANCOUVER, Canada – As continuing chemtrail activity culminated in massive aerial spraying over Vancouver Island and Washington state yesterday- and broadening plumes once again fanned out to haze clear blue skies – Air Traffic Controllers at major airports across the United States expressed concern over the emissions constantly showing up on their radar screens.

‘Chemtrails’ is the term widely used to describe the brilliant white trails laid down by U.S. Air Force tanker planes photo-identified over North America and a dozen other allied nations in a process the U.S. Air Force calls ‘aerial obscuration’.

First confirmed by Airport Authority Terry Stewart at the Victoria International Airport on Dec. 8, 2000 as a ‘joint Canada-U.S. military operation’ and stridently denied by senior officers at Canadian Forces Base (where Stewart later told the Vancouver Courier he had received his information) – these multi-plane missions were verified in March, 2001 by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) manager for the northeastern seaboard of the United States.

In three taped interviews with this reporter and veteran radio journalist S.T. Brendt, our ‘Deep Sky’ source said that he had been ordered to divert incoming commercial flights away from USAF tankers spraying s substance that showed up on ATC radars as a ‘haze’.

These radar returns are the signature of the fine aluminum particles found in laboratory tests of chemtrail-contaminated rain taken in Espanola, Ontario in the summer of 1999. The lab analysis found reflective quartz particles in the chemtrail fallout – and levels of aluminum FIVE TIMES higher than Ontario’s maximum permissible health safety standards.

After NDP Defense critic Gordon Earle presented a petition signed by 550 Espanola residents to Parliament in November, 1999 demanding an end to aerial spraying by commercial or military aircraft, foreign or domestic, which appeared to be making many people sick, DND eventually replied, « It’s not us. »

The aluminum found in chemtrails over Ontario matches the 10 micron aluminum oxide called for in a 1994 patent issued to Hughes Aircraft Company. ‘Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming’ refers to spreading highly reflective materials in the atmosphere to reflect enough incoming sunlight (1 to 2%) to slow rapidly-accelerating global warming.

Edward Teller, father of the H-bomb, called for this billion dollar a year ‘sky shield’ program after computer simulations at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory showed it would prevent warming over 85% of the planet’s surface despite a predicted doubling of heat-trapping C02 in the atmosphere over the next 40 years.

But Ken Caldeira – the climate expert who ran the computer model – has warned that the stratospheric spraying of sunlight-reflecting chemicals could ‘destroy the ozone layer’ and pose human health risks.


Starting last December, on heavy ‘spray days’ Deep Sky began calling companion controllers across the country. Were they seeing the same thing on their scopes? What were they being told? (more…)

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