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25 novembre 2012

¤ Mappemonde

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¤ Pour une action politique anti-chemtrails

Synthèse de résultats d’analyses sur un site anti-chemtrails.

¤ Pour une action politique anti-chemtrails dans Chemtrails et pluies de fils/fibres/etc... Your-sky_sml

46 Lab results

Got 46 pdf files of lab results. Some make no sense but many do.
Now I will compare those lab results with  government health regulations.
See also /comparing

Ug/l is the symbol that is used for micrograms per litre, which means one millionth of a gram per litre. If you want to convert mg to ug, you simply divide by 1,000. More simply, what that means is that 1,000 micrograms, which is ug, equals one milligram, which is mg.
According to the government the threshold for aluminum in drinking water is: 0.05 to 0.2 mg/L X ( 1000 ) = 50 – 200, ug/L
2mg/L for Barium or 2000 ug/L
Sorce:    http://water.epa.gov/drink/contaminants/index.cfm   or see my copy if you don’t want to go to the governments website: Drinking Water Contaminants.html

xx077001 Salt lake City Utah rain   =aluminum  above threshold
0100967 NWS rain g after mod contrail = aluminum  above threshold
8020001labtestBVsnowHCont 2-19-08 = aluminum  above threshold
8020876labtestBVrainMCont 3-18-08 = aluminium slightly above
8040134labtestEsideShastaVHeavyContrail 4-9-08 = aluminium way above
8040804labtestBVrain 5-23-08 heavy contrail = alum 3X above limit
8050139labtestWMShastaRainSnow 6-11-08 = alum slightly above
8051013labtestBV 6-10-08 heavyContrail = alum 5-6 above
8051014labtestBVrainHCont 6-11-08 = alum 2-3 above
8080219 Sisson Field Pond sludge2008 = way above but it’s sludge. not water
8110517labtestEastSideShastalakeHeavyContrail 11-24-08 = way above
9010144labtestESideRainShastaLakeHContrail 1-15-09 = 4x above
9020041 NWS rain guage after contrail = alum 5x above
9020812labtestSLrain 3-9-09 modContrail = alum slightly above
9031049 before and after contrail = alum 4-7 times above
9100850 NWS guage after mod contrail = alum 3x above
Lab 1012506-1A,2A,3A Results New York 12-13-10 = alum 9x above
Lab 1101113-1A Results Snow NY 1-4-11 = alum slightly above
Lab 1102542-1A,2A Results NY 2-15-11 = alum 6-7 times above
USFS labtestLetterIgnored 4-13-2010 = alum way, way above
USFS labtestLinedPondBV = alum way, way above
USFS labtestMShastaRainHeavyContrail = way above
USFS labtestMShastaSnow = alum way way above
Don’t know whats normal for strontium
pdf files from:

Results from hepa filter and sludge I can’t deal with but if aluminium is collecting in soil this means sooner or later it will kill the plants.

Over 40 pdf files with lab results
Negative ions are exceedingly beneficial for a person’s metabolism as a means of enhancing human behavior.

They act in a complex mechanism to bring about hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain. It

is impossible to get an overdose of negative ions, which act like pure water in washing away dirty poisons.

Generally, the more negative ions you are exposed to, the better and more uplifted you feel.


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Test kit (http://dimitrxe.pp.fi/pub/pol/chem/FB/Test_Kit.html)

We’re still taking in Evidence in the form of:
~Blood~Hair~Soil~Rainwater~Air~ Samples.
Please locate an affordable Test Kit, submit the test to that company, then submit your results to: OnlyEvidence@gmail.com

This group is ONLY for those interested in filing a lawsuit for Geoengineering and Chemtrails that have evidence of Chemtrail toxins such as Barium, Aluminum, Strontium and other toxins in their blood or hair, urine, soil, rain water, we plan file a complaint in all 11 US Federal Courts and Courts abroad. We now have over 2000 potential Plaintiffs and we are growing.

Thanks to all that have joined. This is global and similar actions may be brought in other countries. Since the group was started, we have since done more testing, rain water was tested and was high in Aluminum and Barium and Strontium.

There is an ongoing effort to discredit and placate THE PUBLIC by certain people regarding this issue. Many doctors do not test for heavy metal toxicity on patients. If they don’t, I suggest a new doctor.

WE HAVE ONE SO FAR AS OF 4-18-2012 in California and the claim shall be filed very soon, we expect July filing the first claim in California by attorney Joe Marman.

In the event FB has a crash or something occurs to this group, email

—> chemtrailgeoengineeringlawsuit@hotmail.com

For Test Kit contact http://www.basiclab.com They take also international orders. Don’t think they test blood samples and don’t know how to collect air samples.

¤ Cincinnati, US: 150 employés d’un groupe hospitalier licenciés pour avoir refusé le vaccin contre la grippe

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150 employés ont été licenciés pour avoir refusé de recevoir le vaccin contre la grippe

source : http://www.wikistrike.com/article-us-150-employes-licencies-pour-avoir-refuse-de-recevoir-le-vaccin-contre-la-grippe-112793482.html

grippe.jpgL’un des plus gros employeurs de Cincinnati, TriHealth, a mis à la porte 150 de ses employés parce qu’ils ont refusé de recevoir le vaccin contre la grippe, offert gratuitement par la compagnie.   Les 10 800 employés avaient un mois pour recevoir le vaccin, soit jusqu’au 16 novembre.


TriHealth fires 150 employees for not getting flu shots

Company offered the shots for free

UPDATED 2:09 PM EST Nov 22, 2012
CINCINNATI — One of Cincinnati’s largest employers fired approximately 150 employees Wednesday for failing to get a required flu shot.

TriHealth offered all of its 10,800 employees free flu shots. Employees had a month to get the flu shot. The deadline was Nov. 16. Employees who did not get the shot were terminated Wednesday, a company spokesperson said.

Employees who were terminated can appeal to be reinstated after receiving the shot.

Read more: http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/cincinnati/TriHealth-fires-150-employees-for-not-getting-flu-shots/-/13549970/17523386/-/3khe3s/-/index.html#ixzz2DBaWwGji

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