10 mars 2013

¤ La destruction de la couche d’ozone a été proposée en 1962 pour créer de toute pièce le changement climatique

March 6, 2013

Ozone Layer Destruction Proposed in 1962 to Deliberately Cause Global Warming 2

source : http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2013/03/06/6230/ et http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yiMXbjKaVoY


Three issues of concern

1 – Global Warming – Post WWII Grand Psyop of Creeping Fascism

2 – Likely source of ozone destructive bromines originating in the stratosphere.

3 – Source of Barium detected by lab analysis of suspected chemtrail samples



Global Warming – Post WWII Grande Psyop of Creeping Fascism

Back When Global Warming Was a Good Idea: (1) 

Most of this generation may find it difficult to fathom a time when warming the entire planet was widely accepted as a worthy geoengineering project.  But the media successfully stuffed this history down the memory hole along with seventy years of similar proposals to warm the Arctic for access to oil.

Media propaganda began to publicly demonize global warming with loud reporting about the scary prospect of high levels of CO2 discovered by oceanographer, Roger Revelle.  The media stopped reporting on Wexler’s geoengineering plans to warm the planet and disingenuously began reporting that CO2 was a danger because it would cause global warming – the very outcome that had been envisioned as benign and welcome only the week before, and for 70 years prior to that.  This is one giant example of how the media can lead the public and even the scientific community by the nose to forget the immediate past to “believe” in almost any new and trendy agenda – even when it severely contradicts decades of established historical precedent.

Meanwhile, in 1966,  the military and nearly all federal agencies took on covert National Weather Modification experiments that, today, will achieve man-made global warming and arctic ice melts using geoengineering aerosols and an arsenal of networked Tesla, microwave and scalar devices now installed all over the planet.

These weapons have the unique capability of creating ice melts without the help of greenhouse gases or “global warming” as it’s currently portrayed.  Large scale energy weapons like ionospheric heaters combined with plasma aerosols can accomplish ice sheet retreats without immediate and proportional consequence to overall climate warming.  These relatively instantaneous events of contrived severe weather, hurricanes, tornadoes and ice melts will eventually add to overall warming but many of the consequences are delayed from the expected timeline of the weapons application on the environment.  This could help explain the frequent and credible disagreements between the camps of warmists vs. deniers when the hypothesis fails to match the real-world observations….in a timely manner.   Advanced climate modification weapons must be considered as the unexpected and unwelcome 3rd party “gorilla” when attempting to calculate traditional climate physics.

Likely source of ozone destructive bromines originating in the stratosphere.

Destruction of the earth’s ozone layer to heat the planet was first proposed in the early 1960′s by prominent meteorologist, Harry Wexler.(2)

With encouragement from industrialists, colleagues and the general public, Wexler proposed warming the planet by 1.7 C.  with three geoengineering feats.  One idea was to deploy chlorine or bromine into the stratosphere to annihilate the ozone thus causing a rapid rise in surface temperatures on Earth.

Bromine halocarbons are stable compounds and are not destroyed until they are transported high into the stratosphere (more than 10 kilometers above the earth). In the stratosphere, which is where the ozone layer also exists, the halocarbons are exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun, which breaks them apart and causes them to release bromine atoms. The bromine atoms then react to destroy ozone in what is known as a catalytic cycle, meaning that the bromine atoms act as a catalyst for the ozone destruction but are not themselves destroyed. Therefore, the bromine atoms can go on to destroy other ozone molecules.“  (5)

Culprit:  Chemtrails and Ethylene Dibromide  (3a)

Wexler’s untimely death in 1962 was coincident with a new paradigm where the military was visibly gaining influence over authority in the White House and in Congress. President Eisenhower had good reason to warm Americans about the cancerous military industrial (congressional) complex (4)

Today, most atmospheric scientists disagree with Wexler that loss of ozone could result in a significant rise in atmospheric temperatures.  In fact, the consensus seems to be that loss of ozone would result in atmospheric cooling.  What did Wexler know then that is disputed now?  Was he completely wrong about ozone and climate warming.?

Possibly, so. 

Since 1962 it’s been established that ozone depletion and increasing UV radiation is bad for trees, crops, biomass and causes skin cancer as evidence that even a brilliant meteorologist might not know all the consequences of vast geoengineering projects.

As ozone destruction is no longer regarded as a factor in warming the climate, what is the significance when invesetigators are discovering bromine originating in the stratosphere at the very level where the covert geoengineering aerosols are being deployed?

Considering more than two decades of  aggressive stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG), is it a coincidence that researchers are reportingbromine “hotspots” originating in stratosphere?

“We show that the locations of numerous satellite BrO “hotspots” during Arctic spring are consistent with observations of total column ozone and tropopause height, suggesting a stratospheric origin to these regions of elevated BrO” (3)

Are bromines released as an unintended consequence of jet fuel (JP8) additives necessary for extended high altitude service?

Methyl Bromide is far more destructive to stratospheric ozone than chlorine but it was 20 before a total production ban was completed in 2007.  Is it possible that trade secret compounds in some critical products were awarded an exemption to the 2007 deadline?

STADIS-450 JP8 jet fuel additive to increase conductivity as an anti-static agent.

Although the “trade secret” ingredients are well protected by the manufacturer, a recent study contracted by the EPA and other sources strongly imply that these ingredients are salts of barium and/or calcium. The EPA classifies this dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid, barium salt as a “HPV” (High Production Volume) chemical, meaning it is “produced or imported into the United States in quantities of 1 million pounds or more per year.” This same study reports that “Based on the available toxicity results, dinonylnaph-thalene sulfonic acid, barium salt appears to be the most biologically active member of the [dinonylnaphthalene] category.“ (-)

The best information available makes it unlikely that Stadis-450 is responsible for detection of bromines originating in the stratosphere, however different configurations of deployment could point to aerosols that are contained in separate on-board tanks like those found in the versatile Evergreen Air patent # 7413145.

Evergreen Air Patent_dees

Source of Barium detected by lab analysis of suspected chemtrail samples

Aerosols of alumina created by the highly unstable fuel additive,trimethylaluminum (TMA) is compatible with a requirement for anti-static compound like  Stadis-450 (-)     TMA in it’s normal concentration – and especially at sea level – is pyrophoric and will ignite spontaneously on contact with air (oxygen) . (-)

In 1958, TMA was considered as a fuel additive to achieve enhanced performance at high, oxygen-starved altitudes.  The 1958 study reported success with TMA added to jet fuel in concentrations of 14%.  (-)

It’s my opinion this method was rejected when persistent jet trails threatened to give away aircraft position to the enemy.  Applications for deliberate persistent contrail and artificial cloud formation of nano-aluminum in jet fuel would come later in the 1990′s with the requirement that an anti-static substance like Stadis-450 be added to add further suppression of catastrophic volatility of TMA.  But TMA has been “officially” in service for years released from sounding rockets as a tracer in studies of upper atmospheric wind patterns. (-)

1978 Barium and TMA experiment under influence of an electromagnetic field

“By photographing the deformation of the TMA trail with cameras at Arctic Village, Fort Yukon and Fairbanks, the Danish scientists measured the wind in the region through which the rocket was flying.  A minute or so later, the rocket released a puff of barium gas. The barium release soon formed two clouds that drifted apart. One part, composed of ionized barium, drifted away westward under the influence of the electric field in the high atmosphere.” (-)

Jet engine test with TWA


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