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3 avril 2013

¤ USA: un ex-courtier de Goldman Sachs arrêté pour une fraude à 8 milliards

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source: http://www.romandie.com/news/n/_USA_un_ex_courtier_de_Goldman_Sachs_arrete_pour_une_fraude_a_8_milliards31030420132124.asp?

 ¤ USA: un ex-courtier de Goldman Sachs arrêté pour une fraude à 8 milliards dans EtrangeUn courtier de la banque d’affaires Goldman Sachs a été arrêté mercredi à New York, accusé d’avoir mis en place un stratagème pour dissimuler quelque 8 milliards de dollars de paris sur des contrats à terme, ont indiqué des représentants de la police fédérale.

Matthew Marshall Taylor est aux mains du FBI, la police fédérale américaine, depuis tôt ce matin, a déclaré à l’AFP une source proche du dossier.

Le bureau du procureur fédéral de Manhattan a pour sa part précisé dans une annonce à la presse que M. Taylor devait se présenter devant un juge mercredi pour des accusations ayant trait à un stratagème qui lui a permis d’accumuler et de dissimuler des positions non autorisées s’élevant à 8 milliards de dollars dans un compte de courtage qu’il gérait chez Goldman Sachs.

A la suite de cette audition, M. Taylor a plaidé coupable, selon un document de Justice diffusé mercredi.

Il risque théoriquement une peine maximale de 20 ans de prison et une amende de 250.000 dollars mais son admission de culpabilité devrait se traduire par une sentance entre 33 et 41 mois de prison ainsi qu’une amende de 7.500 à 75.000 dollars en plus de la restitution des fonds indûments gagnés, selon ce document.

Au mois de novembre, la CFTC, l’organisme de supervision des marchés américains des contrats à terme et dérivés, avait porté plainte contre M. Taylor, l’accusant d’avoir trompé son employeur en occultant intentionnellement (…) la taille énorme (de ses paris), les risques, bénéfices et pertes potentielles associés aux positions qu’il avait prises sur le marché des dérivés.

Le 13 décembre 2007, au plus fort de la fraude de M. Taylor, il avait accumulé environ 8,3 milliards de dollars de positions d’achat sur des contrats à terme adossés à l’indice Standard and Poor’s 500, avait alors détaillé la CFTC, l’accusant d’avoir causé à Goldman Sachs une perte de 118,4 millions de dollars.

Au mois de décembre, la CFTC avait ordonné à Goldman Sachs de payer 1,5 million de dollars pour ne pas avoir été capable de superviser correctement ses employés pendant plusieurs mois fin 2007.

¤ Un professeur de physique confirme le fait que HAARP a le pouvoir de réchauffer l’Arctique

Source : http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2013/04/03/physics-paper-confirms-haarp-capable-of-localized-heating-to-melt-arctic-ice/

(NB : j’ai rétabli le lien brisé vers le doc en PDF)

Physics Professor Confirms HAARP is Capable of Warming Arctic 1

Fran De Aquino Mug

Fran De Aquino, PhD

High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and strong localized heating.

Fran De Aquino, PhD
Maranhao State University, Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil.

Abstract:  The High Frequency  by Browse to Save » href= »http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2013/04/03/physics-paper-confirms-haarp-capable-of-localized-heating-to-melt-arctic-ice/# »>Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is currently the most important facility used to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation in the ionosphere.

In order to produce this ELF radiation the HAARP transmitter radiates a strong beam of high- frequency (HF) waves modulated at ELF. This HF heating modulates the electrons’ temperature in the D region ionosphere and leads to modulated condu ctivity and a time-varying current which then radiates at the modulation frequency. Recently, the HAARP HF transmitter operated with 3.6GW of effective radiated power modulated at frequency of 2.5Hz. It is shown that high-power ELF radiation generated by HF ionospheric heaters, such as the current HAARP heater, can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and strong localized heating.…Continue  (PDF)

Recently Completed Planetary Network of Climate Modification Weapons That Global Warming Scientists and IPCC Will Not Talk About.   HERE

HAARP Global Ionospheric heaters

Huge Weather Modification Base Discovered in South Indian Ocean

High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause earthquakes, cyclones and localized heating

High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating
Fran De Aquino
Maranhao State University, Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil.
Copyright © 2011 by Fran De Aquino. All Rights Reserved (more…)

¤ HAARP : une revue des événements climatiques locaux : des arcs nuageux naturels ?

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Source : http://www.pakalertpress.com/2013/03/28/haarp-an-overview-of-regional-climate-events-natural-cloud-bows/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pakalert+%28Pak+Alert+Press%29

HAARP: An Overview Of Regional Climate Events: Natural Cloud Bows?

truther March 28, 2013 1

This is a small portion of the evolution of Global Warming, to Climate Change, to Dramatic Climatic Regional Weather Events. This goes to a spectral array of earth degradation that has been at work by design, though it is compartmentalized groups that feed data which is collated and refined for use, by further compartmentalized workers.

As proof of their existence created awareness, it necessitated a cover-up agenda. Its hour glass flow, timed to the need to restate a new factuality, continuing the secreting of events. From the endemic technocratic military industry, which propagandized solely as “Anthropogenic”, the genesis of results of GeoEngineering, came as one cover-up. The militarized control of Ill science run amuck was a second, with the Stratospheric HAARP experimentation spectrum. A third, which combines them, is the artificial electrical grid that, has emerged that creates unprecedented, very unpredictable weather globally. These are a side effect of what some believe exist as successes and as such to be beneficial.

¤ HAARP : une revue des événements climatiques locaux : des arcs nuageux naturels ? dans Bizarreries météo tumblr_inline_mjo0k3CCfB1rn2vc5 The how of its coming to be is an agenda, a cash cow, a power hunger, and in the end, Eugenics. The “Money Powers” steer the usage of resources for profit and ultimately, Power! The ownership of the Globe, without you, or I . Hubris drives a road in darkness, lacking clear vision, availability of brakes, or experience of the path taken.

Here are two photos, they seemed to be photo shopped. Research has shown them to be of a nature created by Technocratic NWO lack of foresight… I will continue with a centralized vision of the opposing sides in the debate.

inline_mjnxrsQ dans Etrange

Please note the domed structures shown in both of these photos…

HAARP An Overview Of Regional Climate Events Natural Cloud Bows

There is a topographically different vantage point and potentially different structural developmental timing in the pictures. For one thing you will note the same structure, with what appears, a small antenna, to the lower right of the large dome in both images. The bottom image is either a different location entirely, or an angle, from a distance, in which the documentarian changed angle enough to change the gradation of slope on both hill sides of the large dome.

Here are the dome type, similar in design form of the myriad systems employed in testing wave modulation, Hz Frequencies, cyclic pulsations, their power strength emitted, the size of the array, and its use to project, receive and record actuarially. The results of a given atmospheric condition which has been designed, refined, and found to be present as the optimum time, for a test is the goal. It is no different than the beginnings of the “Nuclear Age”, in its lacking knowledge of the long term effects of their use. This is extreme shorthand, so, I hope you read between the lines, and follow your own research for a far broader understanding.





5sdf dans Politique/Societe


With The numerous changes, enabling the ever shrinking size dilemma, faced by the fevered pitch of technology and the need for it to remain secreted away, we see HAARP systems smaller in construction. They having been refined, and honed, are now able to be so small as to be portable. Their successful use maximized by changing location. Mobility enabling alignment with the required zone of conductive particulates, laid down by chemtrails, using to the best of their ability their forecast projections, of how the released slurry of metallic aerosol will concentrate, site specific…

7yh 8yu 9yu

Area “D” in China Below with Lat: and Lon
Last a HAARP Design that is peppered with domes…

US Military H.A.A.R.P Facility In Exmouth,Western Australia That Is Even More Advanced Than The One In Alaska:



I had hoped to bring you an image of the Hobart HAARP site in Tasmania with its large and smaller dome and other buildings… To be continued…

For your consideration: Otter Walks on Two Feet… 14/03/13

¤ Exclu : télécharger le manuel de l’US Air Force sur les chemtrails de 1990

Télécharger le manuel de l’US Air Force sur les chemtrails : http://chemtrailsplanet.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/chemtrails-chemistry-manual-usaf-academy-1999.pdf


Source : http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2013/03/31/confirmed-the-word-chemtrails-first-published-by-the-air-force-academy-in-1990/



¤ L’US Air Force aurait developpé un carburant d’avion à base de nanoparticules d’aluminium

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USAF Develops Jet Fuel Powered by Aluminum Nanoparticles 2


USAF Air Force Header

Documents from 1962 tests of liquid hydrogen aviation fuel (-)   

Aluminum Nanoparticles

Scientists at an Air Force Research Lab in Dayton Ohio have developed an amazing new way to harness the hydrogen energy stored in ordinary tap water.
The secret is aluminum nanoparticles. By adding water to their specially-coated nanoparticles, the scientists can produce over a thousand liters of hydrogen gas from a single liter of water.

This new fuel is being designed to provide power in emergency situations — but it could also be used in rocket engines or airplanes.

According to research chemist, Dr. Christopher Bunker:

“You have your palette of paints, the chemicals, and what you can do and where you can go is only limited by your own imagination.”

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