3 avril 2013

¤ L’US Air Force aurait developpé un carburant d’avion à base de nanoparticules d’aluminium

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USAF Develops Jet Fuel Powered by Aluminum Nanoparticles 2


USAF Air Force Header

Documents from 1962 tests of liquid hydrogen aviation fuel (-)   

Aluminum Nanoparticles

Scientists at an Air Force Research Lab in Dayton Ohio have developed an amazing new way to harness the hydrogen energy stored in ordinary tap water.
The secret is aluminum nanoparticles. By adding water to their specially-coated nanoparticles, the scientists can produce over a thousand liters of hydrogen gas from a single liter of water.

This new fuel is being designed to provide power in emergency situations — but it could also be used in rocket engines or airplanes.

According to research chemist, Dr. Christopher Bunker:

“You have your palette of paints, the chemicals, and what you can do and where you can go is only limited by your own imagination.”

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