15 avril 2013

¤ Les « Gardiens du ciel » (Skyguards) belges déposeront une pétition au Parlement pour pousser à l’action sur les chemtrails

April 11, 2013

Belgium “Skyguards” Will Petition Parliament to Force Action on Chemtrails10

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peter_vereecke-mugThe Belfort Group hosted a ground-breaking symposium in 2010 where the CASE ORANGE REPORT was the central investigative document that confirmed aerosol spraying is not an internet rumor.  The searchable portion of the document can be  downloaded here as a PDF file

The Belfort Group website contains a review of the forum (-)    A second post in English is here.

Skyguards: Platform of European citizens alarms the European Parliament about the dangers of  GEOENGINEERING

By Peter Vereecke – April 11, 2013

Dear Members,

On 8 and 9 April, some 150 European citizens together in the European Parliament in Brussels in order to express their concerns in relation to the phenomenon known as GEOENGINEERING. They came from almost all European countries to Serbia, Ukraine and Cyprus are to confirm the creation of Skyguards, a collaboration platform for both individual citizens and civic associations.

The Belfort-group was well represented because they have been in this field is very active, eg by organizing the first international chemtrail symposium and the publication of the “Case Orange”, a 300 page. constituent scientific document prepared by insiders of the military and civil aviation.

Geoengineering is the worldwide artificially influence the weather. This is done by means of very powerful electromagnetic radiation from HAARP installations, the most important is in Alaska (USA). By editing the atmospheric layers, one can determine in which areas it is dry, where and how much it rains, you can steer hurricanes, etc..

In 1999 already, the European committee of environment and health a hearing for this was created, but that has died a quiet death because none of the managers of the HAARP facility in the U.S. was willing to come and give an explanation ….

But there is more and worse …

To make the atmosphere more conductive planes spraying daily masses of heavy metals in our atmosphere. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “chemtrails”, but since this name is automatically linked to “conspiracy theories” and therefore not taken seriously it was decided to raise the issue through the more accepted notion GEOENGINEERING ‘.

This climate modification is a hot topic in both military bodies in civilian circles, it is intensely studied and there are a lot of money, personnel and technical resources invested. The aim would be to global warming under control. More and more it becomes clear that this is only a false and mendacious pretext.

Why growing unrest and resistance in the population?

Firstly because geoengineering is the main explanation why our climate is so totally off the hook, that abnormal temperatures and weather patterns are recorded and that the number of so-called natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, explonentieel increases. This not only creates many direct material damage and human suffering, but also makes the food prices rise.

The realization that in different places without democratic approval and control the thermostat of our planet is tampered can not but provoke resistance and protest.

In the second place, that heavy metals such as aluminum and barium an unlikely major threat to the health of humans, animals and nature. Whoever opens his eyes can not but conclude that everything and everyone gradually becoming sicker and eventually die. Most of the tree withers away, the population of bee colonies in some places reduced to 10%.

It is remarkable that all this is normal and certainly not considered alarming.

Officially it is claimed that geoengineering is mostly being studied with limited experimental testing but in the Parliamentary Conference of Tuesday, April 9, the activists of Skyguards clearly demonstrated that there is a mountain of scientifically based evidence, which demonstrates that the really large scale and this increasingly in the last ten years.

They have pointed out the numerous studies and reports including NASA, which demonstrate that the solar light (global dimming) in the last 10 years is reduced by more than 20%.

  • The alarming analysis of water, soil and plants where high presence of heavy metals is recorded.
  • The large fleet of military and civilian aircraft spray (even unmanned drones’!)
  • Many patents, licenses and contracts of agencies and firms that aim to benefit from the enormous financial and military interests who can manipulate the weather and especially on what so often can be seen in our skies.
  • Aircraft spray thick streaks that linger for hours and fanning into a white mist, while climatologists and weather forecasters misrepresent them as harmless “clouds”.

desiree-rover-mugThe most disturbing is the undeniable Impact on human health. We refer here to the work of medical research journalist Desiree Rover, which you can view by clicking this link. 

The parliamentarians present were very impressed. Problem is that at this time virtually nobody thereof lie awake and hardly willing to take this issue seriously and investigate.

Within the group of Skyguards, it was agreed to by citizens group to petition the European Commission to force a legislative proposal.  It will also provide a variety of ways to exert pressure so that an independent agency of the EU is instructed to take samples in the air of those ‘persistent contrails’ in order to get any doubts about the existence of this crime against humanity.


Peter Vereecke
Initiator Belfort-group

Rue des Maquisards 40
5555 Naomé

 Engish Translation provided by Google


Clandestine Aerial Spraying SlidesSlide Show – Click Here


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    I don´t know why you bother to send anything to the european commision…they are the ones doing all of this geoengineering….you will just be speaking to the WALL!!
    they want to force the rest of humanity into an ecologic corner…blackmailing them into submission…..just as they do with a million stupid and irrelevant little laws, making us all defacto criminals.

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      Belfort group is pretty persistent…let’s see what they do with their petition. They commissioned the CASE ORANGE report that made a lot of solid evidence for chemtrails available to the public and backed by an aerospace engineer – Coen Vermeeren

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    “This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “chemtrails”, but since this name is automatically linked to “conspiracy theories” and therefore not taken seriously it was decided to raise the issue through the more accepted notion GEOENGINEERING ‘.”

    I’m glad to see this language change is catching on. I was really pushing this idea about a year ago.

    I took pictures of distinct patters over Cape Coral yesterday, made large copies, an had a lengthy talk with a county commissioner at office today.

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    I have been watching and worrying about this for years and years. This is without doubt a deliberate assault upon the Worlds peoples of a kind best described as Malthusian. Whomsoever is behind this should never leave prison, for surely this crime is the greatest ever witnessed. These are strange days that we living through where lawmakers close their eyes to colossal criminality. Evil is abroad. I shall pass this information around as I usually do: Awareness is urgent. My thanks to these good people that are working to force lawmakers to action.

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      It’s amazing how the media gets away with lying about anything and everything with impunity except for thos who blab the facts.

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    Good on you. go for it, even if you get a cool reception from the perpertrators, they will know we know, more pressure the better.

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