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15 avril 2013

¤ Les « Gardiens du ciel » (Skyguards) belges déposeront une pétition au Parlement pour pousser à l’action sur les chemtrails

April 11, 2013

Belgium “Skyguards” Will Petition Parliament to Force Action on Chemtrails10

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peter_vereecke-mugThe Belfort Group hosted a ground-breaking symposium in 2010 where the CASE ORANGE REPORT was the central investigative document that confirmed aerosol spraying is not an internet rumor.  The searchable portion of the document can be  downloaded here as a PDF file

The Belfort Group website contains a review of the forum (-)    A second post in English is here.

Skyguards: Platform of European citizens alarms the European Parliament about the dangers of  GEOENGINEERING

By Peter Vereecke – April 11, 2013

Dear Members,

On 8 and 9 April, some 150 European citizens together in the European Parliament in Brussels in order to express their concerns in relation to the phenomenon known as GEOENGINEERING. They came from almost all European countries to Serbia, Ukraine and Cyprus are to confirm the creation of Skyguards, a collaboration platform for both individual citizens and civic associations.

The Belfort-group was well represented because they have been in this field is very active, eg by organizing the first international chemtrail symposium and the publication of the “Case Orange”, a 300 page. constituent scientific document prepared by insiders of the military and civil aviation.

Geoengineering is the worldwide artificially influence the weather. This is done by means of very powerful electromagnetic radiation from HAARP installations, the most important is in Alaska (USA). By editing the atmospheric layers, one can determine in which areas it is dry, where and how much it rains, you can steer hurricanes, etc..

In 1999 already, the European committee of environment and health a hearing for this was created, but that has died a quiet death because none of the managers of the HAARP facility in the U.S. was willing to come and give an explanation ….

But there is more and worse …

To make the atmosphere more conductive planes spraying daily masses of heavy metals in our atmosphere. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “chemtrails”, but since this name is automatically linked to “conspiracy theories” and therefore not taken seriously it was decided to raise the issue through the more accepted notion GEOENGINEERING ‘.

This climate modification is a hot topic in both military bodies in civilian circles, it is intensely studied and there are a lot of money, personnel and technical resources invested. The aim would be to global warming under control. More and more it becomes clear that this is only a false and mendacious pretext.

Why growing unrest and resistance in the population?

Firstly because geoengineering is the main explanation why our climate is so totally off the hook, that abnormal temperatures and weather patterns are recorded and that the number of so-called natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, explonentieel increases. This not only creates many direct material damage and human suffering, but also makes the food prices rise. (more…)

20 août 2012

¤ The Chemtrail Kook and Worldwide Chemtrails Map

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SOURCE / http://aircrap.org/the-chemtrail-kook-worldwide-chemtrails-map/331204/

Posted by Chemtrail NewsFeaturedWednesday, April 6th, 2011

¤ The Chemtrail Kook and Worldwide Chemtrails Map dans Chemtrails et pluies de fils/fibres/etc... chemtrail-map-150x150Source: Chemtrail Kook . I am a former military pilot with 1000s of hours flying personnel and gear all over the planet. While in the military I had not yet had an awakening. After leaving the military for medical reasons, I was exposed to some information that caught my eye. As a matter of fact, I was building a website for a fire-fighter friend of mine. While I was finishing up the site and looking for tribute videos to the fallen heroes of 9-11, I came across a few threads uploaded by Pilots for 9-11 truth. I thought, hey, I’m a pilot, this looks interesting and tumbled into the rabbit hole.

That was 4 years ago, and since that time I have done copious study on the subject of 9-11, building architecture, and chemtrails. I am 100 percent convinced that building 1, 2 and 7 were taken down by explosives in a controlled demolition. I am active with Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth  and I encourage all who read this to study the materials available on their site and sign the petition for a new and impartial investigation.  But I digress.

Chemtrails are a passion of mine, as I continue to see my loved ones suffer with upper respiratory problems, asthma, constant colds, and general ill health. I have extensive knowledge of the FAA, EPA, and ICAO aviation rules and regulations. I will take my last breath doing everything in my power to get chemtrail activity to STOP. I know there are numerous ideas circulating about the reasons why they are spraying, but I no longer concern myself with the theoretical. I care not about whether they are trying to covertly cool the planet, obscure Nibiru, cull the population, or change soil salinity to control food supply.

What I know is what I see every day. I see nearly continuous spraying operations over my home, and throughout the skies of places I travel. What I see are chemtrails. I know the difference between contrails and chemtrails. I have extensive education on meteorology, aircraft systems, and know exactly how contrails are born. I know all about the standard lapse rate, temperature inversions, types of fog, and factors that influence contrail formation.

In my studies of the chemtrial phenomenon, I have come across numerous websites, wordpress blogs,yahoo groups, etc. all discussing the problem and containing postings, photos, and videos. There are people building Google Maps, Flash maps, and posting data regarding air and soil samples. I have seen virtually every video produced on the chemtrails subject and highly recommend the film documentary What In The World Are They Spraying  for those looking to understand the issue in more detail.

My conclusions about the above activity and level of activism have led my to understand that I am not alone. Military tacticians will tell you that an unorganized adversary is easy to conquer. Each website, blog, map, and data repository represents a cell of our growing movement. As it stands today, April 6,2011 there is still significant lack of cohesion within our ranks. The Map is a force multiplier that will change that. (more…)

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